Montreal: Day 2


Hey guys! Day 2 is coming to a close. We didn’t get out and about til about 12, but have been non stop since. We went to Little Italy and had lunch. Afterwards, we went to thee farmer’s market and they had the biggest pumpkin I’ve ever seen!

It took us forever to find the entrance to the Mont Royal park! We wanted to see it so bad, but it took like an hour of hopping on different metros. It was so worth it though. I assume this is exactly how Fall is supposed to look like. We had a great view over the city. We didn’t have enough time to go to the top, but it still rocked.

When we got pack to our area(where the apartment is), we went to the police headquarters. My brother is in law enforcement and he likes to get different patches from different city’s police. The guy was super nice and handed his patches right over.

GIFT SHOPPING TIME. Oh the money I spent… Oh well, when will I ever be back here? Totally worth it.

We called it an early evening to pack. This trip has been so much fun. I’m super glad I was able to do this. Now it is time for the pictures!

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