First Blog Post!


Now I consider this my first actual blog post. I started this blog at an odd and rough time in my life. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year. He has been the rock and calming of all of my storms, but he left for six weeks to follow his dreams. He’ll be back on July 2nd and we move into our FIRST apartment together on the 5th, but it is really hard to stay grounded without my rock.

I have always been afraid of becoming co-dependent and relying too much on him for my mental health. This month will hopefully prove that I won’t break without him. Don’t get me wrong. Getting support from others is amazing, but relying on them to keep you together is harmful for you and them as well.

So far it has been good. I’m staying very busy and spending time with my friends. I noticed the more time I spend with them, the quicker the time goes by. I miss him a lot and hope the rest of these twenty-nine days go by just as quick.

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