Montreal: Day 2

Hey guys! Day 2 is coming to a close. We didn’t get out and about til about 12, but have been non stop since. We went to Little Italy and had lunch. Afterwards, we went to thee farmer’s market and they had the biggest pumpkin I’ve ever seen!

It took us forever to find the entrance to the Mont Royal park! We wanted to see it so bad, but it took like an hour of hopping on different metros. It was so worth it though. I assume this is exactly how Fall is supposed to look like. We had a great view over the city. We didn’t have enough time to go to the top, but it still rocked.

When we got pack to our area(where the apartment is), we went to the police headquarters. My brother is in law enforcement and he likes to get different patches from different city’s police. The guy was super nice and handed his patches right over.

GIFT SHOPPING TIME. Oh the money I spent… Oh well, when will I ever be back here? Totally worth it.

We called it an early evening to pack. This trip has been so much fun. I’m super glad I was able to do this. Now it is time for the pictures!

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Montreal: Day 1

We have arrived. So we got in last night right before midnight. So I’m counting today as day 1. We had breakfast at this really great place called Eggspectation. I totally recommend going there. It’s in Old Montreal.

Then we went to this beautiful building called Notre-Dame Basilica. It is an old church(pics below) that was built in the 1800’s. I’m not a religious person, but I could spend all day admiring that thing.

After we came back to our Airbnb(which we got from staysbypaige, look her up it’s an awesome little apartment) and changed, because damn it is cold here compared to our Oklahoma 80 degree weather!

At 2, we had our tattoo appointment. We went to Artease. It was a mainly lady shop and our tattoo artist @kesselrun was so fun and cool. I got a ghost and moon and Andrea got an airplane.

When we left the shop, we hopped on the Metro and took to Underground City. It is this 5 story shopping mall. We shopped alil and I bought a coat(I didn’t realize how cold it was going to be).

We got back  to the apartment about 7 and decided to stay in to get away from the  cold. We order pizza and here I am, eating and typing. So, enjoy the photos!

14572281_10207400574484944_1291463822977438181_n 14900614_10207398760399593_5420964926833634750_n

Andrea’s airplane, us out front of the church

My Tattoo

My tattoo

Rain view from apartment

Pumpkin dude at the tattoo shop!

Many views of Notre-dame

View down the street

Morning view

Cozy blanket in our airbnb

What I’ve been up to

I go back to work for my first full week back tomorrow. I’m anxious just because 12 hour shifts are hard. I leave for Montreal in like 5 days and I’m mostly packed, so I’m ahead. My friend and I are getting tattoos while we’re there! I’ll post pictures of them!

Btw, I dyed my hair orange.

I also planted baby carrots and their starting to sprout! Now the main thing is to be able to keep them alive until I repot them!

I’m also crocheting this huge blanket. Pictures and updates to come!

First Blog Post!

Now I consider this my first actual blog post. I started this blog at an odd and rough time in my life. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year. He has been the rock and calming of all of my storms, but he left for six weeks to follow his dreams. He’ll be back on July 2nd and we move into our FIRST apartment together on the 5th, but it is really hard to stay grounded without my rock.

I have always been afraid of becoming co-dependent and relying too much on him for my mental health. This month will hopefully prove that I won’t break without him. Don’t get me wrong. Getting support from others is amazing, but relying on them to keep you together is harmful for you and them as well.

So far it has been good. I’m staying very busy and spending time with my friends. I noticed the more time I spend with them, the quicker the time goes by. I miss him a lot and hope the rest of these twenty-nine days go by just as quick.