Things I’m loving: October

I’m going to start making a post at the end of every month saying what I am obsessed with this month. 

Music: Side by Side – Ariana Grande  (I sing this obnoxiously loud all the time.)

Food: Buffalo pretzel chips by Snack Factory. Yum!

Shows: obviously Luke Cage. It just came out so I had to watch it. Super awesome. You’d think they have too much marvel stuff out but it worked. 

Reading: You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. Hilarious for starters. Super motivating which I don’t have at all. I was surprised. If you think you’re having a life crisis or don’t know what to do with yourself. Check it out!

Crocheting: That huge blanket I posted.

I also am working on a project. I’m keeping it on the DL for now, but will be posting about it within the next week! Keep an eye out.