Hi blog it’s been a little.

So, Depression is kicking my butt right now. I’m always tired, which is getting really annoying. 90% of our stuff is unpacked. We just need to fix up the spare room and put a bed in it and we’ll be good to go.

On the plus, I got hired by the local hospital and I start Monday. I’m going to be a registration clerk. It’s my first “big girl” job, like I actually get benefits and what not. I am super nervous. My anxiety feels like it’s going to kick my butt along with all the heartburn caused by the anxiety.

Another side note, I started working out this week and it’s been difficult, but I pushed through for a few days. I’m done for this week. So, we’ll see if I actually stick to it next week.


It has been awhile since I have made a post. My boyfriend got back from OCS about a week ago and we have moved in to our apartment! I am beyond stressed out. My anxiety has been giving me heartburn. I still have so much left to unpack and I feel bad that I have more stuff than my boyfriend. Oops.

Having Major Depression with anxiety qualifies me to have a Service dog. My boyfriend and I have been contemplating getting a puppy and training it. Right now with apartment fees and just moving in, we don’t have enough money to have one. It will be very hard work, but it will be totally worth it to have a loving dog that can help me with certain things I can’t control. I have been looking into a lot of different options on things. It is probably going to be pretty expensive. It seems worth it though.